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The 14th International Student Film and Video Festival the sixth day of screening
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Today three groups were screened, including International Group 4A, International Group 9A and International Group 6B.


The International Group 4A was screened from 13:00 to 15:30. 7 short films were shown. Chaver is anIndian short film. The director is Abhilash Vijayan from the Film and Television Institute of India. It is set in the late 18th Century. The Malabar province of the southern part of the Indian peninsula is divided into small countries fighting each other. Two boys are being trained in martial arts for a suicidal mission to avenge their country by killing the enemy king in an open challenge. Things change when one of them starts asking questions. A nine-minutes animation PIPO followed. It is from a French student studying in Germany, Eliott Deshusses. It is a film about perception. How would a man act, after being raised only by television for decades, and be suddenly thrown back into real-life again? Then a fiction film was shown. Man Without Fear is from CSC in Italy, a girl, whose name is Francesca Marino, made it. Augusto is a stuntman who fears nothing. He never grew up. When he, as usual, forgets his son’s birthday, there’s only one way to be a hero in his child’s eye, but it is something dangerous and epic. The film made by BFA was Forgive. Li Zheng is a high school student living with his single mother. In order to ease his mother from financial pressure, he decides to quit school and starts to work in a carwash company. With the help of his girlfriend, he refuses to go back to school. The relationship between mother and son falls to a freezing point. A ten-minutes-long short film followed, Suan Ming. It was made by a Malaysian girl. After a 5-year relationship, Mei and Eric decide to get married. They start to prepare their wedding. On their engagement night at a Chinese restaurant, Mei’s fortune cookie gives her an obscure prediction. For Mei, it sounds like a bad sign. She becomes very anxious about her wedding. She then tries to find an answer to this through other fortune-telling ways but all of them seem to be sending her the message to not get married. In Chinese culture, couples about to get married should calculate their compatibility: it is called suan ming. Despite her hesitation, Mei has to take a decision for her future.The director of Not At All is Martina Piura, from Germany. Robert takes care of his sick father with great difficulty. As if this wasn’t enough, the young rundown Mattidashes bursts into this microcosm. It is an affective triangle about self-determination, respect and standing up to life. Chicken Suit was the last short film of this group from the USA. It was also a fiction. It is a dark comedy about a man running away from his creditor, to protect his girlfriend from the disaster he has created. All this without taking his chicken suit off.


The second group shown this afternoon was the International Group 9A. The Father is a Russian short film, made by Artur Mamedov, from VGIK. Caucasus, son of the main character, is detained by Russian police after some minor offense. Ragim must find money to bribe police officers: the sum is too big for a sheep shepherd. Fortunately for him he finds a Russian soldier who escaped Chechen militants and who is looking to return to his base. Soldiers are important for militants: they will pay a good price to get them, more than enough to bribe the police. Ragim must make a difficult choice between his son’s freedom and the life of an innocent man. The animation Eggplant, made by Yangzi She from the University of California Los Angeles, followed. Most people say « cheese » when taking a photo. Durian says « eggplant ».


The third to be screened was a fiction,The Baby. It is from Italy, Roma Tre University. The story of it is:Narges and her friend have just a few hours to find someone to take care of her baby for some days. In the Q&A part of International Group 9A, the audience and directors exchanged their different understandings of the films. They talked about the directors' original thoughts and ideas about the films. They also discussed the use of audio-visual language. The difference of opinions made the cross-cultural communication meaningful and interesting.A dancer faces a conflict between reality and dream is the theme of 0041. It was made by a boy, Hu Guohan from Central Academy of Drama in China. The Private From Odessa is a 22 minutes long documentary, made by Luis Felipe Labaki from University of Sao Paulo in Brazil. The Private from Odessa is a portrait of Boris Schnaiderman, Brazil’s most important translator and essayist on Russian literature and culture. Using different cinematic approaches, the film depicts Boris as he reflects on the large scope of his still evolving work - from Russian literature of the XIX century to the avant-garde poetry of the 1910’s onward, from his memories of Odessa, where he spent his childhood, and of world War II(during which he was a volunteer in Brazilian offensive in Italy)to his theoretical work on translation. Her Son is a fiction from Germany, directed by a girl named Katharina Woll. Gregor is a musician and dreamer. He likes his life—as long as he doesn’t have to explain himself to his mother. He gave up hope of being more than a less well-off son for the successful gallerist one day long ago. A radical deterioration of Irene’s health status is forcing Gregor to have his mother’s shadow and jump over his own. The last one in this group was Gameboy. It is directed by Giacarlo Sanchez from Netherlands Film Academy in Netherlands. Four friends are about to graduate from high school. In an impulse they decide to steal the school exams. When they sell the exams to others, the group is ecstatic. However, as soon as the outside world catches up on to the affair, they face the danger of losing the feeling of freedom they only just acquired. In the Q&A part of International Group 9A, the audience and directors exchanged their different understandings of the films. They talked about the directors' original thoughts and ideas about the films. They also discussed the usage of audio-visual language. Differences of opinions made the cross-cultural communication meaningful and interesting.


The night screening was from 19:30 to 22:00 as usual. The International Group 6B was shown. The first one was Retriever. Milan’s wife left him with his son and he steals them the last memory of a happy and functional family their retriever dog, Goldie. Goldie becomes Milan’s guide to his life, soul, and mind. In Milan’s mind a group of wild dogs together with Goldie are playing around and bringing him back to his family. This short film was directed by Tomas Klein, from FAMU in Czech Republic. Winter,1983 was made by Lu Jiaxi from Hong Kong. It is set in a deserted and ramshackle industrial town in the northeast of China. Zhao Deyong, a petty official, is facing a dilemma. His nephew Zhao Wuqiang was wrongly sentenced to death during the Crackdown on Crime Movement. Saving his life would mean to ruin a young woman’s reputation, while at the same time missing the only chance to save Deyong’s daughter. A Spanish short film followed. Village was directed by Maria Pardo. Luis returns to his hometown in order to face up to reality which he has been trying to avoid. For him this will be an unforgettable journey. The next one was Killing Time from Minshar for Art in Isreal, directed by Rafi Shor. Confined in one room. Arik and Alona embark on a nostalgic trip through time and space where past and future collide. Through their journey the two will come to realize that clinging to sentimentality isn’t a solution to their problems. The past must remain in past, the future doesn’t exist and the present is all there is. A Daughter’s Debt is a documentary from the University of Southern California, made by Chao Thao. A Daughter’s Debt is an intimate, multi-generational exploration of Hmong-American women coping with the effects of cultural practices such as bride purchasing, marriage by capture, and polygamy. The screening was followed by a series of Q&A. The directors came to the stage for a brief exchange with the audience, and to share their creative ideas.


The following short film was an animation named Natural Attraction. It shows a natural spectacle turning a sparse, dry landscape into a fruitful place bearing new life. The interplay between sky and earth reminds us of a sensual love act and expresses the dependency and perfect correlation of both elements. The Cloud was the last film tonight. It is a Cuban short film, whose director is Marcel Beltran. In a country town lives Ana, a single mother is struck by the sudden death of the head of the family: her father. With the arrival of her brother Ulysses, Ana thinks back on her life her life and decides it’s best to leave everything as before.The screening was followed by a series of Q&A. Directors came to the stage for a brief exchange with the audience, and to share their creative ideas.


The weather was warm today. The director of Eggplant Yangzi She communicated with the student of BFA.